The Software Based Legaliser.

I-Comply includes two legaliser plugins. “LegalFast” and “IClegaliser”. Essentially these two plugins are functionally identical. So why have two?

Experience has shown us that the GPU based legaliser “LegalFast” requires the GPU driver to be frequently updated or it might not show up! Normally it is fine but we feel that providing a software based legaliser as well as a GPU based one was in the customers interest. You may never use IClegaliser (Hopefully you will not need to!)

Using the Legaliser

IClegaliser as seen when it is first applied to a clip

To use the Legaliser simply select the Legalisation Preset in the “Select Preset” dropdown. There are also two other options.

Soft Clip

If this is checked then soft clipping is enabled. If your preset has been designed with soft clipping you can chose to disable it here. Our suggestion is to leave “soft clip” checked for all our carefully designed factory presets.

Indicate Clip [!!]

If this is checked the plugin will indicate areas that are in clip! NOTE THE WARNING [!!]. DO NOT RENDER YOUR FINAL VIDEO WITH THIS CHECKED AS IT WILL CLEARLY NOT BE LEGALISING, BUT INDICATING INSTEAD!!!! Ensure it is unchecked when you use the legaliser to legalise your video.

License Management

The License management is duplicated in all the other plugins. It enables you to move any licenses you have as well as purchasing/hiring new ones.

Press the “Get Free 30 Day License” button and you will get the following button which you simply press.

At this point you will be fully licensed for a period of 10 days. Simple!

After 10 days, if you use the plugin, you will be required to register. When you apply the plugin you will get the following.

Pressing the “Register” button will cause your default bowser to open at the following page.

Once you have registered (Note your email is very important for moving your license). You will get a further 20 days free trial.

Once your 30 day free trial is finished, when you apply the plugin you will get the following.

“Purchase or Hire I-Comply” – will take you online to purchase or hire the plugin. Hiring the plugin, even for a day, is enough to get a job done. This is an OpEx (Operational Expenditure) model where you just charge on to your client for legalisation services. If you use legalisation regularly it may pay to buy a perpetual license to I-Comply.

Manage License –> Move License

Here you will see a list of all your computers that you register under the single email address. If you just tick boxes in “DEALLOCATE FROM” and “ALLOCATE TO” and press “RE-ALLOCATE NOW” you will swap your license from one computer to another.

License Type –> Make License Online/Offline

If you are working somewhere with no internet connection or strong security firewalls you can move your license offline. When you do this it will last one week and work with no internet connection during that period. The catch is that you must do this WITH an internet connection so remember to do it before you move to that location!