I-Comply Overview

I-Comply is a complete redevelopment of the Eyeheight BroadcastSafe suite for Premiere Pro. This completely new suite of plugins keeps the heart of the Eyeheight legaliser and Safe Area Generator but in a package that has been designed to be extremely flexible and adaptable for any situation. The completely new ‘ICsetup’ plugin allows the user to fully adjust legalisation or safe area settings as well as create new ones. The new licensing system has been brought right up to date with online licenses that can be transferred between your computers. If you currently have the old Eyeheight BroadcastSafe suite you can decide to transfer your license to the new system at no cost (you can also use your USB dongle). New features allow better checking of your video using the ‘ICchecker’ plugin. Whilst the main legaliser plugins have been kept essentially the same they have been brought up to date to work reliably with the latest Mac and Windows operating systems both in software and GPU acceleration modes. These plugins also have improved accuracy and are now fully transparent for legal video while using full floating point accuracy for areas of your pictures that require legalisation.

The completely new ICsetup plugin allows full control over the legaliser and safe areas.