BroadcastSafe for Premiere Pro

NEW April 2021 – I-Comply for Adobe Premiere Pro

  • INSTANT FREE 30 DAY TRIAL. No credit card required, works immediately!
  • I-Comply is a further development Eyeheight’s BroadcastSafe for Premiere Pro.
  • I-Comply is compatible with existing Eyeheight BroadcastSafe Licenses/USB dongles.

Download Now for Mac – Download Here

Download Now for Windows – Download Here

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I-Comply is a plugin suite developed by Complete Plugins. Installing I-Comply will not remove any existing Eyeheight BroadcastSafe installation but after a 30 free day trial you can optionally transfer the Eyeheight License to I-Comply.

I-Comply has a new online flexible licensing system enabling licenses to be quickly transferred from computer to computer. Instant Purchase or Hire for 1,7 or 30 days using PayPal or Credit/Debit cards can be done directly from the effects UI.

I-Comply has an improved Legaliser and Safe Area Generator with full floating point legaliser accuracy and transparency to unprocessed video areas. SD, HD and UHD capable.

I-Comply also has a comprehensive Setup plugin which enables the generation of new Legaliser presets and Safe Areas without leaving the effects UI.

I-Comply has a context driven online manual available from instantly from the effects UI.

The I-Comply suite It contains 5 plugins. Click on the plugin link for the online manual on each plugin.

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