Complete Plugins – Termination Notice

Complete Plugins has now ceased trading due to lack of demand for this product. I would like to thank our customers for their support. If you are an existing customer It is ESSENTIAL that you download the new free version below because the license server will terminate operation on 26th September 2022. The current free version has been recompiled and updated as far as possible and now operates under a free license. We are happy for you to install this now on as many machines as you wish. This website will be terminated on 26th September 2022.

License Free Download for Mac – Download Here

License Free Download for Windows – Download Here

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I-Comply is a plugin suite developed by Complete Plugins. Installing I-Comply will not remove any existing Eyeheight BroadcastSafe installation but after a 30 free day trial you can optionally transfer the Eyeheight License to I-Comply.

I-Comply has a new online flexible licensing system enabling licenses to be quickly transferred from computer to computer. Instant Purchase or Hire for 1,7 or 30 days using PayPal or Credit/Debit cards can be done directly from the effects UI.

I-Comply has an improved Legaliser and Safe Area Generator with full floating point legaliser accuracy and transparency to unprocessed video areas. SD, HD and UHD capable.

I-Comply also has a comprehensive Setup plugin which enables the generation of new Legaliser presets and Safe Areas without leaving the effects UI.

I-Comply has a context driven online manual available from instantly from the effects UI.

The I-Comply suite It contains 5 plugins. Click on the plugin link for the online manual on each plugin.